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Trekking  Tours Through the Desert – scrambling


For adventure lovers we offer trekking and scrambling in wadi rum desert that gives you a chance to get closer to nature’s.and to see some wild animals... or at least their tracks!. Trekking in desert is probably the best way to have a real desert experience. It's quitter and slower than a jeep tour And the Scrambling routes are mostly based on the old Bedouin trails in the mountains. They were used to find water for the goats and for hunting. Most of the time it is hill walking but sometimes you have to use your hands to help you along.
On the scrambling tour we will take you to parts of Wadi Rum that most tourists never see! These trips are for adventurous people who are in good shape and enjoy a challenge.
Because these trips are more difficult then hiking routes.

We also provide programs combining the hiking trips with the simpler scrambling. the most gusts we have the appreciate our combining trekking and scrambling tours.

The sides for the scrambling :

Jebel Burdah

This is one of the most famous hikes in Wadi Rum. Jebel Burdah has a big arch on the way to it's top. The way to the arch is a walk in the mountain. In some places you might need to use your hands. The guide will take a rope with him in order to use it for safety only. We cross the arch where you have stunning views across the desert and go down passing by another way.


Rakebat Canyon: this is a shorter scrambling trip starting close to the village and crossing Jebel Um Shrine to end in the parallel valley where you will fond um ishreen sand dune.

    Rakebat Canyon to um ishreen

Jebel Hash
It is easy to climb up and we shall walk the length of the ridge for three to four hours. There are fantastic views to the north over Wadi Rum and to the south over Saudi Arabia.


The view from jaba hash


Jebel Um Adaami
This mountains its (1832M above sea level-
Wadi Rum village is 1000m above sea level)

Jebel Um Adaami is the highest mountain in Jordan. Going there requires a long jeep transfer to the South. We hike along a sheperd's path up to the summit. From there, you see all the mountains of Wadi Rum, te border with Saudi Arabia and, if you are lucky and the weather is very clear, we even see the gulf of Aqaba and the red sea. To get there, we drive through the ever changing desert of Wadi Rum which is a beautiful journey by itself! The hike up the mountain is quite simple, and the panorama at the top is surprising. Jebel Um Adami is situated on a geological border and the contrast between the Rum landscape and the view towards Saudi Arabia is stunning. By Jeep: 2 hours
The way up will likely take an hour and a half
The way down will also likely take an hour and a half.


This is jabal um Adaami and view toward Saudi from the top.


Very important : You should wear something on your head and bring plenty of sunscreen with you. You will also need a shoulder bag or rucksack for for daytime necessities. They would chiefly be a camera, a bottle of water, some kind of head covering, a snack if you think you will need one, perhaps a light sweater or something with long sleeves, and of course anything personal you think you might need.

Shoes : trekking sandals will be enough for most people (NOT beach sandals!) For scrambling you might prefer to bring sturdy shoes or boots, and certainly for the mountains. Don't forget a supply of cotton socks. Otherwise whatever you like : tennis shoes or sneakers, boat shoes or trainers are all fine for hiking, as of course are the trekking sandals previously suggested.


How to book with us :
just write to us , giving us your names,
Complete addresses and telephone numbers of the
Participating persons as well as the date of your
Arrival and departure And the programme you want to book.! We shall also be needing to know how you will be coming to Wadi Rum, from where, and at what time you plan to arrive, and the Visitors' Centre here requires we state your nationality.

Meeting Point
We will meet our guests at the Wadi Rum Visitors' Centre upon their arrival. We always try to be a half hour earlier than our guests, but if you arrive before us for any reason ask the reception at the centre to call us! If you think that you will arrive at Wadi Rum earlier or later than we arrange, call or text (SMS) us and we will easily accommodate your changes.
After the meeting we will start the trip .

Our tour programmes: are described in detail below . Use the links below to explore the locations that we visit, as well as 7 sample itineraries for your trip. If you are interested in extending or shortening your visit in specific areas, we will be happy to accommodate your needs .All of the prices given are correct and up to date. They are usually based on two people doing the trip. We normally start when you Arrive around 9 Am and finish at about3- 4pm, when we will bring you to the camp if you are sleeping here, or back to the village if not.

Cheek hear the programs you need and the prices :

- One day Trekking /1 NIGHTS
Three days Trekking / scrambling / two night's
- Two days scrambling/ jeep riding /one nights
- Three days Trekking / scrambling /2 night's
- Five days Trekking /five night's
- Jabal Am Adaami in One day


How to Pay
For individual travelers we accept cash payments only when you visit us in Wadi Rum.

Please Note: There are no banks or Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) in Wadi Rum. Please be prepared for this before your visit to Wadi Rum by withdrawing money before your trip.

For large groups and Travel Agencies, we accept payment in cash sent also through deposits to our bank account. Contact us

Book the trip contact us

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