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Day 1
We start from Wadi Rum village towards moving sand, then to Infishia inscriptions where we have lunch. After lunch, we head towards Um Ishrin where we camp for the night.

Day 2
We walk through burrah Canyon and at the end of the canyon we have lunch. After we head towards Burdah Arch where we camp for the night with a beautiful view on the arch. We offer the possibility to do scrambling up to the bridge it will be around 3 hours up and down .

Day 3
From Burdah arch we continue to um ofruth arch and have lunch close to this arch. We continue to Um Sabbata and camp there to watch the sunset. During the trip we will have the opportunity to see some of the deserts wildlife.

Day 4
We walk towards the Saudian boarder and on the way we will see the highest mountain of Jordan and have a lunch in front of Um Amadami. We offer the possibility to climb Um Amadami. We sleep close to this big summit.

Day 5
We head back towards Wadi Rum and at about ten kilometers from the village we stay for the night in a beautiful place in the desert watching the sunsite.

Price : for 2-3 people 75 JD per person per day .for 4 person its 65JD per/person A day This includes all meals and mineral water for drink and sleeping equipment and the guide for hiking and climbing to Burdah /um Adaami . includes 5 to 6 hours walking per day Bivouac camp.

Notes: We offer discount to large groups from 8 people and Travel Agencies

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