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We start with a full day in 4x4 following the classic jeep tour The place that will show you by jeep ITS: starting the magical experience in Wadi Rum. Visit: The Seven Pillars of Wisdom: one of the most impressive rock formations, recalled by Lawrence D' Arabia's homonym manuscript, so titled to enlighten the Mountain's relevance during the Arab Revolt of 1917–18; then via Nabatean Temple, visit the Lawrence' Spring: where T.E. Lawrence reputedly washed during the Arab revolt. It has attractive rock inscription on nearby Al Khazali Canyons Al-Khazali's Inscriptions: discovering the clues from the past carved on the mountains and the fallen boulders, providing evidence that human activity took place here thousands of years ago. Everywhere there are traces of ancient civilizations in the pictographs of Thamudic, Nabatean, Greek and Arabic texts, formal inscriptions, and rock art depicting hunting scenes. Continuing to walking around the Little Bridge, Burdah and Umm Frouth rock bridges: spectacular natural rock arches, with great views. Lunch break. In the afternoon Trekking for about 1,30` hours through Burrah Canyon: long deep canyon between dramatic mountains, turning in orange shades, in sunset. Heading to Lawrence's House, and toward neighboring Anfashieh Inscriptions Mountain, with numerous Thamudic and Nabatean inscriptions next to animals, humans and camel caravans' drawings. Proceeding to a large area of Sand Dunes, piled up against mountains; fun to climb to the top. At lasting heading to Sunset sites, where to get the most dramatic views of Wadi Rum. Back to camp for Dinner around a campfire, tea & coffee fashionably Bedouins. Overnight in . our Bedouin whispers camp

The second day, after a night in the desert, we drive south, through the largely deserted southern valleys to Jebel Khasch, a high ridge stretching east to west for several kilometers. We shall walk along the top of the ridge for three to four hours, admiring the views of Wadi Rum to the north and Saudi Arabia to the south. This is a magnificent walk and is always very popular.

When we come down from. thé ridge we shall have lunch. After lunch, we can take another shorter hike, or if you prefer it, make a leisurely return to Rum Village in the jeep at the end of the afternoon. A second night in the desert can be added on if you wish.
Price : for the two days for 2-3 people 110 JD per person. This includes all meals, sleeping equipment At our Bedouin camp and the guide for the hiking.

Notes : We offer discount to large groups from 8 people and Travel Agencies

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