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Camel trekking ''the ship of the desert'


Riding on a camel, softly swinging, in an unfamiliar height. To be carried through the desert, on the back of a camel, safely guided by a Bedouin. A very special adventure:

The camel is a large, strong desert animal. Camels can travel great distances across hot, dry deserts with little food or water. They walk easily on soft sand where trucks would get stuck, and carry people and heavy loads to places that have no roads. Camels also serve the people of the desert in many other ways.

The camel carries its own built-in food supply on its back in the form of a hump. The hump is a large lump of fat that provides energy if food is hard to find. In wadi rum we have only the Arabian camel, , which has one human.

There is basically tow ways of riding the camels in wadi rum , the first is some one is lading the camels by poling the rope and walking behind,

Second i is to have a mounted guide with his own camel.

we always prefer to offer the second one to our clients. It is certainly a bit more expensive, since the camel for the guide has to be taken into account, but in our experience there is no comparison in the enjoyment felt. With a mounted guide, you go faster, you therefore cover much more ground.


We offer many programs for Camel Rides &Safari Trek,

• For single travelers as well as for groups
• Riding tours from one to several days
• Short rides around the Wadi Rum village
• The price we have its includes : the mounted guide.



Very important : You should wear something on your head and bring plenty of sunscreen with you. You will also need a shoulder bag or rucksack for for daytime necessities. They would chiefly be a camera, a bottle of water, some kind of head covering, a snack if you think you will need one, perhaps a light sweater or something with long sleeves, and of course anything personal you think you might need.

How to book with us :
just write to us , giving us your names,
Complete addresses and telephone numbers of the
Participating persons as well as the date of your
Arrival and departure And the programme you want to book.! We shall also be needing to know how you will be coming to Wadi Rum, from where, and at what time you plan to arrive, and the Visitors' Centre here requires we state your nationality.

Our camel guides: They are local Bedouins from Wadi Rum village . They don't speak fluent English and can not work as touristic guides for trekking or jeep tour.
Their only source of income is to graze camels and guide for camel riding tours. They will really take care of you, they know perfectly the desert , the camels, they will make tea and sing Bedouin songs . If your guide can not understand or answer some of your questions, we will be happy to do it in the evening at the camp.
Just think that you will share time with a real Bedouin and that you will participate to the incomes of his family.

Our tour programmes Use the links below to explore the locations that we visit, as well as 4 sample itineraries for your trip. If you are interested in extending or shortening your visit in specific areas, we will be happy to accommodate your needs –During our camel trekking trips, you have the opportunity to learn how to lead a caravan of camels through the desert -- but our helpful guides will always be on hand to assist you.

In our camel tours there is 2 camping options:
One : camping in bivouac .
Second: camping in Our Bedouin whispers camp

Cheek hear the programs you need and the prices

- One day one night camel trip

- Two days two nights camel trip
- Three DAY two nights Camel Trek from Wadi Rum to Aqaba
- Five days four night's camel trip

How to Pay
For individual travelers we accept cash payments only you pay us when we meet you in wadi rum before the trip or After the trip .

Please Note: There are no banks or Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) in Wadi Rum. Please be prepared for this before your visit to Wadi Rum by withdrawing money before your trip.

Bivouac : From 4 people and for more than 2 nights, you can ask us for bivouac if you want , and sleep in different places the scound night Bivouac.

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