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  What is a Bedouin  

The Bedouin is one who was born and grew up in the desert or in the mountains and prairies, living side by side with nature in black tents or in caves. Who raises goats, sheep, donkeys, horses and camels and who knows how to milk goats and a shepherd to ride horses and camels.. One knows how to use all types of herbs, food, drink and medicine. The person who knows how to hunt deer with tact. A person who knows the meaning of friendship. Person who can not move and live with ease in the desert.


His life is simple - but the owner of the famous hospitality and generosity is not a myth. Nomads, accepts and appreciates what he has, and is willing to share this. He was happy to give and help. And he is proud of who he is and the pro-land. Bedouin virtues see where you feel aridity and finds poetry in everything. It is more than a name, it is a way of life..


Bedouin food
The Bedouin are very skillful in making special foods for themselves and their guests. Mensaf, the most well known meal in(Jordan ) wadi rum consists of rice covered with meat (chicken or lamb) which is cooked with yogurt. Pine nuts are tasteful when added.

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